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23 September 2019
Take Away They Ugly Skateboard Deck

TATU Skateboard Decks

Limited Edition TATU Skate Decks on their way!
Our love for horror punk & skateboarding runs deep. We’ve designed these sweet ass skateboard decks for those that shred! Be warned, they are not Jesus proof, and the mofo might show up, crack your board, say he’s nailed better, take a swig of his beer, a drag of his smoke, and fly away.

Every order gets a free surprise! It could be an album, some stickers, a tshirt, hoodie, button, bookmark or even a cat! Because we know you don’t have enough cats. Or is it hats?

Should have never let you ride my board! (Jesus Broke My Skateboard)

To get your hands on one of these rare beauties, you’ll have to contact us, as we are currently taking pre-orders as we await delivery.


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Take Away The Ugly - TATU#3
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