Biography (Non-Fiction)

Take Away the Ugly are a legendary trio, hidden in he rifts of zombies, b-movie horror and mst3k. Their beginnings were inspired by vintage horror movies combined with every genre of music they could find. Setting an idea in motion that will inspire all musical fans the world over!

Derived from the spirited vintage Punk Rock culture, the band see’s fit to weave its way methodically through any musical taste. Filled with 3 uniquely talented players, who are known for not subscribing to any specific genre or sound. Each song is another genre in itself, demonstrated clearly on the bands 2nd album “Operation Fun” and continuing endeavors on TATU3 (the upcoming song-by-song album release for 2018/2019).

The bands name is derived from the movie “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly“, whereas the band quickly realized there was far too much Ugly in popular music. Auto-Tune was being used over real voices. Drummers replaced by engineers pushing buttons. The degradation of music as we knew it had taken place. Listeners were being turned into “Zombies” and it is these three musicians who have chosen to cure them all. (see fiction bio)

At current, Take Away The Ugly have embarked on a record/release format for their 3rd album (known as TATU3 until a title is had). Fans that subscribe, pre-purchase, or contribute to the bands Patreon receive songs as they are created, as well as commentary, lyrics and more. Fans are then able to vote for the order of the tracks on the album and even get their name on the album, with a physical copy delivered to your door upon TATU3’s completion (2018/2019).

Join in and follow the bands misadventures through music, movies, zombies, Godzilla, mst3k, b-movie horror, and a whole lot more. Highly entertaining, completely uncensored, rated G for Guitarded. Take Away The Ugly!