Jesus Broke My Skateboard (Black Label - Blackout)

There’s something so fucking amazing about skateboarding! It’s pure chaos wrapped in a gold brick slammed into your brain at a thousand miles an hour. It makes you feel ALIVE! And what skater wasn’t moved by the epic bands that every video was exposing to our ever so narrowing brains. Our drummer (cow) probably wouldn’t even listen to punk rock if it wasn’t for A1 Meats blasting NOFX, or Plan B’s “Questionable” video with it’s epic soundtrack. Yes, skateboarding from the late 1980’s on forward, has really influenced us. Now, we really wanted to get this song in a skate video, but skate companies seem a little cold shouldered when it comes to random solicitation of dirty punk rock. So we slapped this video together, thanks to Black Labels “Black Out”. Hey, anyone want to put this in a skate video??? Hit us up! It’s our dream. 🙂