Unemployed For The Holidays

by Take Away The Ugly

I don’t finish everything on my plate.
Doesn’t help me, that your not in shape.
I only play one video game.
TV won’t be the same…

Sick of Country singing of Love.
I hate living the morals of life above.
Eat fruit if your thirsty and hungry.
Chris’s ass makes me angry!

Parent’s hate everything that I do.
Why do I feel I have nothing to loose.
Isn’t white bread ever good enough???
Ohhhhh… FUCK!

Yes, I want that to go!
I’m sick of all this slosh and snow.
My door never fucking stays closed.
Shit leaks from my nose!

Do DJ’s take bathroom breaks?
Then why are they so full of shit?
Why do I panic making sandwhiches?
I have too many shirts!

I got charged for a cup of ice.
Keep holy the sabbath day.
I’m out of idea’s to give to work!
Why not have silver sporks!?

Never text on the toilet!
Save the animals, kill yourself.
Don’t kill yourself if you eat meat.

Why aren’t there more desert sports?
Put pop-tarts in the Microwave!
People don’t take vacations…
They only take unemployment checks!

I know I don’t have enough hats.
I know I don’t have enough hats.
I know I don’t have enough hats.

Lyrics by Riggz
Music by Riggz (Guitar/Vocals), Cow (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tony (Extra Backup Vocals)
Produced & Recorded at TATU Studios in 2012
Engineered & Mixed by Cow
Released on CD – Sept 2012

Life… It happens… When Riggz needed to absolutely rant about his life. This was the result. A song without a chorus.

Take Away The Ugly - TATU#3
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