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These words, carry us away
These words, carry us to sea
One way to my heart is through my ears
So pull them out now, for all to hear

Can’t get this sound out of my head!
But you’d rather be numb tonight instead!
Just need this little bit to believe…
I’m still alive I’M STILL ALIVE!

So move to the sound of the drum
And it’s been said, and it’s been done
I want you all to know, it’s been fun!

So come on in, come inside
Let us all take you for a ride
We’re gonna need a Bigger Boat!

Here… We… Go!

Our lives, our music, all the same.
We have our own rythm, our own way.
Want you to listen, all to stay.

We’re taking this ship, anchors away!

Here we go
We’ll go down with the boat

And… We had a ball!

Here…. We…. Go!
Down… With the boat!
Here…. We…. Go!
We’ll go down with the boat.

Lyrics by Riggz
Music by Riggz (Guitar/Vocals), Cow (Drums), Chris (Bass)
Produced & Recorded at TATU Studios
Engineered & Mixed by Cow
Released on CD – Sept 2011

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