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Biography (Non-Fiction)

Take Away the Ugly are a legendary trio, hidden in he rifts of zombies, b-movie horror and mst3k. Their beginnings were inspired by vintage horror movies combined with every genre of music they could find. Setting an idea in motion that will inspire all musical fans the world over! Derived …

Biography (Fiction)

Chapter 1 – The Ugly Virus …I remember where I was, when the Ugly virus started… As I thought to myself while driving away in that rusty old 69 Buick. Never knowing where I was going. I recall the memory of the day I last visited Fat Lou and heard …

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Take Away The Ugly - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

One For The Fire (3:53) | Download MP3
Album: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! (2011)

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“Somethings Wrong with Angela!” – March 20th 2018
Take Away The Ugly are now (currently) working on their 3rd studio album, but this isn’t your usual studio album! The process of making and recording their previous album (2013’s Operation Fun!) was difficult and consisted of several crammed sessions at Time Square NYC’s  Premier Studio’s. “Kevin Geigal was a tremendous engineer and producer for Take Away The Ugly, but for this album – we’ve decided to take another approach.” (drummer, brixton Jan 2018)

Allowing our fans to help us along the way, we’ve decided to release 1 song at a time, once per month. Our fans can pre-order the album now, and as we make the songs, you get them immediately! Instead of waiting forever for that next track, you get a new one every few weeks. Take Away The Ugly is now more focused, as we can concentrate on recording each song – one by one. And it shows on our first release (“Somethings Wrong with Angela”). You get to put the album together with us, and even cast your vote for the order the songs will be on the finished album.


…”This is truly inspired music! Take Away The Ugly outwardly exclaim (they are) “Punk Rockers who play everything with a dose of b-horror!” and their sound is nothing short of exactly that”… “These three characters approach music with an open minded attitude that screams of no compromise coupled with serious ambitions”… “Bringing their sound to the famous Premier/Quad Studios (Time Square NYC) has only left a trail of anticipation as their hard work has shown; Take Away The Ugly will be a coveted band!”…


We thrive in the studio and live for the stage. Get in touch to learn more about booking Take Away The Ugly.