Somethings Wrong With Angela

Somethings Wrong With Angela

Take Away The Ugly - Somethings Wrong With Angela Horror Punk Ska Song

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Dear Mom and Dad, Camp Arawak has been nice
Except for the councilors and campers being boiled alive
I can’t seem to get far away

I don’t wan’t to go down, down to the lake!
I’m sure Angela’s there planning out my fate
I can’t seem to get for away, from Sleepaway Camp

Don’t turn your back or she’ll stab you in the shower
The body piles rising every single hour
You won’t see her coming until its too late

Well I’ve never seen a curling iron used that way! 
Punched in the head and a pillow over the face
I can’t seem to get far away, from Sleepaway Camp

Well there’s something wrong with Angela!

Well you should never stare into her eyes, everyone who does dies,
Stacked up to other slashers, just another one of the guys
I know there’s something wrong with Angela

Well this was my summer vacation!

Lyrics by Riggz (Co-written by C.Miller)
Music by Riggz (Guitar/Vocals), Brixton (Drums), Stick Jones (Bass)
Produced & Recorded at the Moo Studio by Brixton on October 2018
Released Digitally on Oct 31st 2018 (Trick or Treat Giveaway).
First heard on Hot Melting Face Oct 30th 2018.

The fictional true story: A few summers back, Riggz came up with this “great idea” that we should all go to Sleepaway Camp. This was Riggz’ letter to his parents. They decided to leave him there, in hopes to scare him out of his love for horror & punk. Instead, he stalked Angela for a month and it got weird! Real weird. To the point where he was placing curling irons all over the camp with extra extension cords. At some point, we forced him to come home and we wrote a song about it.

Heavily inspired by the movie:  Sleepaway Camp (1983, Starring Felissa Rose).