Moonlight Girl (Lyrics)

I came in alone in the middle of the night.
No one was around so the mood was just right.
I got you up. It took me awhile.
My clothes are all muddy and you smelling vile.

Touching your eyes even though they are closed.
Don’t mind you being still as I rip off your clothes.
Kissing your lips as there rotting away.
I’ll never forget the way they looked that day.
Moonlight girl

I Don’t mind the maggots, and I don’t mind the worms.
I don’t mind the cold and I don’t mind the germs.
Don’t mind the webs and I don’t mind the dirt.
This time when I put it in I promise it won’t hurt.

Yeah my fingers in your hair like bugs caught in a web.
I remember the way that I bled you in the bed.
I finger the hole that I left in your side.
Felt warmer the day that
you died.

And I don’t mind the maggots and I don’t mind the worms.
Don’t mind the webs and I don’t mind the dirt!

Shouldn’t have broken my heart that’s why I stabbed yours.
Didn’t want you to leave so I buried you under the floor.
They blamed the other boy for
doing the crime.
I’m free to walk the streets, he’s doing the time.
Took everything and I took it back.
He’s put away now and now I have you back.
Stealing your body we’ll be together always.
As I grow older and your body decays.

Remember watching you from a far.

Always knowing what your doing and knowing where you are.
I’ll light another cigerette when I am done.
But I’m not finished yet I’m having way too much fun.
You can’t regret me now you can never say no.
You have not much to say and there’s no where to go.

Now I
know how truly to love.
I hope your watching me from up above…