Operation Fun

Operation Fun

Release Date: April 2013

Operation Fun was recorded & mixed at Premier Studios (Time Square NYC) in the famouse “A Room” with Kevin Geigel engineering and producing.

Track Listing:
01. Don’t Panic! (feat Justin Sullivan)
02. Moonlight Girl
03. Operation Fun
04. Jesus Broke My Skateboard
05. Defective Baby
06. No Greater Passion
07. The Barriers
08. Mystery Science Theater 3000
09. That’s Entertainment
10. Negative Null
11. Rockazilla

Written & Performed by:
Riggs Miller – Vocals and Guitars
Ray Scavo – Bass and Backup Vocals
Brixton – Drums and Backup Vocals

Thanks to our friend Justin Sullivan of New Model Army for the appearance on “Don’t Panic!” and “No Greater Passion” as well as Jamie, Ryan & Ben on “Rockazilla”